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Current GM - TheTank101
Web Master - xBridgetx
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Battle Kahuna
Welcome to Thief Guild's web portal!

We are a small but growing guild on Rappelz Tortus server.
Currently we are in a recruiting phase and are looking for active players with characters which are level 70 and above.

Although most of the members are new to the guild, the name is actually an older one with it's own history.

We aim to provide a welcoming home for new and experienced Rappelz players, to promote the growth of the guild, respect for our fellow players on the server and a tough but friendly opposition during the weekend Dungeon Seiges.

To apply to the guild contact either TheTank101 or TomHunk.

Feel free to take a look around our site, some of the content is restricted to members only, but there are a few open access areas which will help to give you a taste of what you can expect from being part of the guild.

Take care, and most of all enjoy Rappelz!
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Rappelz VI Part2 - Resurrection

JamieLynnTortus, Feb 7, 10 3:45 PM.
Hello everyone the new Rappelz Epic is on it's way, check out the new mini site to see all the details here: Rappelz Epic VI Part2

New features include:

* Character Customisations
* Three pets
Nightmare (Dark Unicorn)
Ifrit (Genie)
* Improved quest system
* PvP Deathmatch
Ranked & Unranked zones
* New R7 equipment items and decorative pets
* Changes to Ursa caverns

New GM Event - The seekers Ambush

JamieLynnTortus, Feb 2, 10 5:25 AM.
All citizens beware! The oracles have foreseen ambushes being deviously devised by the Seekers! They will be attacking our extermination forces in the dungeons in an attempt to aid their minions and grow their army larger. The humanlike Seekers are not at full strength, and our most steadfast troops may even be able to destroy their physical form temporarily. We must be prepared for their ambush and turn the tables on the Seekers! Destroy them!


    * February 1: Yeti
    * February 2: Salamander
    * February 3: Tortus
    * February 4: Bahamut
    * February 5: Tanda
    * February 8: Pantera
    * February 9: Lydian

Possible Sighting Areas:

    * Relics of Arid Moonlight
    * The Shrine of Palmir Plateau
    * Crystal Valley
    * Lost Mines
    * The Sanctuary
    * Temples of the Ancients and Lost Souls.


    * The Seekers are prophesied to attack between 10-11 AM and 2-3 PM PST.
    * The Seekers may drop a variety of items including epic soulstones, enhanced consumables, skill cards, and ancient cubes!
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